Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Why I do what I do ?

I have to answer this question quiet often nowadays ....sometimes to get perspective , other times from friends or colleagues ....recently from my GP . She knew I was a dentist before and wanted to know why i would not go back . She told me they often need demonstrators and tutors for the dentistry school ....how do i feel about teaching ? To be truthful i like dentistry and i like teaching too and quiet frankly i would make more money doing it (looking at my accounts today:)).It would be far less work than what i have taken up right now . So, are you crazy you might ask ? Well , sort of yes .I have this pushing feeling inside me to change things , to answer a calling , to leave the safe way of living.

Firstly , i feel a degree does not define me - it enriches me but does not define me .My core values and beliefs revolve around my family and being able to help , to be a contributing member of the society. Thirdly , what can i do to make the world a better place . All of these has a link to what i do ....at some point in my life i understood that being sad , disappointed , angry is not the answer ..........I must be the CHANGE  I want to see in the world . I must do my part , to the best of my ability .

My business is helping me live my dream of making a difference - i get to draw and design (which i love) , I work with artisans in India - I have deep reverence for these people because they are great artists and work so hard  ,I often talk to them about their kids -girls in particular and hope to build a school for them......I give people a choice to buy something that is not mass produced . I get to  bring here an ancient tradition , connect spaces to the exotic and dreamy retreats.I get to bring an age old tradition born thousands of miles away  to life .I am so grateful for all of the above and i certainly would not be able to do these doing RCT's or lecturing on anatomy of the mandible .

Have you left the safe way of living??   ....do you hope to do that ??....drop me a line , i would love to hear( or i might think i am probably silly leaving it all:))

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  1. Oh I so hear you. I left 'safe' behind a long time ago. What is safe anyway? I have learnt (sometimes painfully) that the things you think are safe are not and vice versa.... at times. Following your heart is the true path to happiness and gratitude. I think you need to create a new label for your adventures too - brave. It takes a brave person to follow their dreams... really follow them. A-M xx

  2. Coming from you it means a lot to me ......I have witnessed your struggles and triumphs through your blog and its humbling to hear you call me brave ..... Thanks , for the encouraging words .... You can't go back , once you get the taste of your dreams :)

  3. I agree you can't go back :) Why would you want to. You would rather work towards making what you left everything for work. And it takes work, it takes diligence, it takes leaving behind all the things that are so intertwined into your definition of yourself that you don't know the new you anymore. That's scary. But that is what is required. I write these words here for me as much as it is for you.
    If you keep taking 1st steps you are met more than half way. So just keep putting one step in front of the other. I have stopped when I have felt it is too much for me. And that's fine. You can start again. You will see that the world does wait for you and your dreams. Always.

  4. Great advice , Vineeta ... I have followed your blog for some time and love your work :) it's easy to be the path breaker when you have someone in the same boat cheering you on :) Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. It's a hard one. I'm all about following your dreams but at the same time there are certain things I want in life. I'm probably going to end up being a full time blogger and teach on the side (as opposed to teaching and being a blogger on the side). I think it's worth considering these opportunities, they don't have to define you, in fact often it's possible to use them to further your dreams and your passions. Right now I'm doing my PhD which I love and I'm passionate about but I do consultancies on the side when I can to enrich my academic work and my lifestyle. Maybe it would be possible to teach a semester a year and use the money, the contacts, the new networks to advance your business and passions xoxox