Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What do you want on your Tombstone?

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This is going to be one profound post but seriously have you ever thought about this .....and i mean really given it a good think . I have only started thinking  about it in the last few days. It sort of changes everything and puts a fresh perspective on everything.
What do I want people to think about me when I am gone? To how many people would it matter , if I wasn't here tomorrow ? How many lives have I touched ? I want my tombstone to run out of space ....thats the amount of work i want to do ......sort of the below:-

 Loving Wife , mother , humanitarian, philanthropist, entrepreneur, artist , Martha Stewart(couldn't find another term for her Multi- potentiality), Founder of the ......Peace fund( i haven't decided on the name yet), Adventurer,Global gypsy Cruising Addict.
I haven't accomplished much yet though. But it is a life plan ....hopefully i will have enough time:)
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Some of the people whose legacy i admire is Mahatma Gandhi, Princess Diana , Audrey Hepburn , Alfred Noble and so on . There tombstone might just have their name and we all know how much they accomplished in just one life.

Seriously, What do you want your legacy to be ? Have you ever really thought about it ?? Drop me a line , i would love to hear :)

Much Love ,
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  1. I don't think about this too much, I mean we talk about death and funerals and what we want and how we want them. I want to be cremated and I think Patrick is thinking along those lines too...I'm not sure how I want to be remembered...

  2. I know , Vanisha mostly we don't but i was just wondering if we lived our life backwards from the legacy we want to leave behind ....though it sounds so profound .Priyaxx