Sunday, 4 November 2012

Home Beautiful

I have heard,read and  seen  numerous ways to make a house beautiful . But quiet frankly i don't agree with any of them .I disagree with the stereotypical "out of the pages of a glossy magazine home". I feel no one knows the perfect real place for me to call home except me for i am so unique and my house is  a reflection who I am. And mind you my house is not clutter free , i am a bit cluttered , i am carrying some baggage and so is my house and i like it that way.My ideal home is warm, inviting , a little whimsical, a fusion of cultures , bright , colourful , spirited,always ready with a cup of tea ...........all in all just like me .

I feel we are weighed down by standards we have to uphold in order to be perfect .The truth is we don't need to ,we just need to be true to our own self .....your house does not need to be new, spick and span in order to be appealing , it just needs to be connected to you . You are right some people would judge you for it , for it being not perfect but please ask yourself -  Are these people the people you want in your life or would you rather spend time with who accepts you the way you are :)
Does your house look like you, is it a reflection of who you are , where you have been .....what your dreams are .....i would love to know what your definition of a home is ......Do you agree or disagree with what i said ?
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  1. Our home is a reflection of who we are and it doesn't always 'match' because we are quite different individuals. Patrick loves reggage and we have Bob Marley art next to my more 'traditional' art pieces. Our home is a collection of memories of places we've visited and moments. A mixture of old and new. Of expensive and inexpensive. Not something you would find in any magazine - not even remotely! But like you said, it's us, it's a reflection of our lives are individuals and our life as a couple. I'm sure when we have children they'll add their own stamp to it and it might or might not 'match' but it'l be theirs/ours....

  2. Exactly , Vanisha !!A home is a true reflection of who you really are .... Love that there Is a Bob Marley in the house;)