Friday, 11 May 2012

Hand Block Printing To print the design on the fabric, the printer applies colour to the block and presses it firmly and steadily on the cloth, ensuring a good impression by striking it smartly on the back with a wooden mallet. The second impression is made in the same way, the printer taking care to see that it fits exactly to the first, a point which he can make sure of by means of the pins with which the blocks are provided at each corner and which are arranged in such a way that when those at the right side or at the top of the block fall upon those at the left side or the bottom of the previous impression the two printings join up exactly and continue the pattern without a break. Each succeeding impression is made in precisely the same manner until the length of cloth is fully printed. When this is done it is wound over the drying rollers, thus bringing forward a fresh length to be treated similarly.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Welcome to Peacocks and Paisleys . The business was born out of a desire to give the discerning customer a choice.After fiddling with the idea of my own business I surrendered to my love of hand block printed bedding from India.
By combining unique, handmade prints with timeless designs, Peacocks and paisleys encompasses a truly vibrant collection of chintz and bohemian masterpieces that are undeniably fun...and made with your bohemian abode in mind. Our collections are a celebration of color and living life to the fullest.
We design our products, and have them printed and put together in a couple of artisan owned studios in India. We are fully committed to arts and crafts revival and fair trade as a means to safeguard traditional crafts, create employment, and promote economic self-sufficiency. To this end we follow the most stringent guidelines while selecting the artisans we work with, and only source from those who love what they do, are proud of what they do.All our products are printed on superior grade, soft 100% cotton .