Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Home Well Travelled

I came across Alice Von Baum work on Pinterest .I love interiors that give a vibe of loving travel, embracing other cultures and basically carrying  wanderlust in them and her work just personifies that feeling .She is an artist working in interior design ,couture and block printing .Here is some eye candy of her work .

Hope you enjoyed browsing through her work . I love the laid back well travelled thread in her home , it is earthy in a Boheme sort of way .Let me know what you thought , it is always good to hear from you :) xx

All images taken from here.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Relaxed Modernism - Tom Scheerer

I have featured rooms done by Tom Scheerer before but thought I would do an exclusive post on his Interior Style .The idea came from this photo of one of his rooms that I shared on the Facebook and Instagram.

And here is the rest of the room

On his website it says "While he is fluent in various styles, he prefers to use antiques sparingly and succinctly within a context of what he labels "relaxed modernism."
I love his pairing on the traditional and modern , exotic and contemporary which creates a warm and yet sophisticated interior . Here's more of his work

Tom's also has a coffee table book which i would highly recommend to everyone .

Hope you enjoyed reading more about his work . I am organising a Facebook sale soon for curtains and fabrics all hand block printed on most gorgeous cottons . More details would be announced on Facebook soon . I hope to see you there :) 

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