Monday, 29 October 2012

The design process

Now and then , i put something in about the design process . Today , i am taking you to my design files -drawings, color combos and more color combos . Drawing is not work to me is like being alive ,living in the moment .
This is not my self help message , it is what i have learnt . I have learnt that concentrating yourself on that one thing you really want, makes it come alive .

Pictures you see below are handdrawn by me , i like to try color combinations by coloring in by hand beacuse i feel it will give me a better idea of the end result .

Anything you like , i would love to hear ;)
                                                     Drawing And Coloring

                                                                    Color Combinations



Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Bohemian Party

The flowers are in full bloom in my part of the world , beautiful Jacarandas lining up the paths sprinkling flowers everywhere ..............its a feast for the eyes, to say the least . I love the no frills  rustic , pretty flowery settings to entertain outside .....simple things are the most beautiful , wouldn't you say ?So, i thought i will leave you with some images to fire up the imagination.

bohemian decor

 bohemian decor centerpiece
 Bohemian Decor
    Bohemian Vintage Decor

Do you entertain outside ? What kind of settings are you partial to?
All images taken from here                                                                                                                                                                  

Monday, 15 October 2012

Would you travel to a new place every year ?

I love rooms that have well travelled written over them ,to me they are the rooms with soul . Each place or region  has a certain decor bent and i find all of them amazing in their own way . I thought i will take you to a few Spanish rooms today . This one is a stone and wood romance :)

Spanish living Decor Design           

Spanish living Decor Design  

Spanish living Decor Design           

Spanish living Decor Design

Researching all these pictures has activated my wanderlust .....i have just got to go to Spain one day .How nice would it be explore a new country /place /city each year.........experience its scents and smells , i think it would open my eyes to so many possibilities. Any of you think like that .....a new place every year ?
Here a few more spanish inspired pics .....feast your eyes !!

                                    That dress ..................
 Cadiz Old Town                                                                              A street in Spain
Source here,here and there

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