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6 WaysTo Display Your Flea Market Finds

On my first trip to Tasmania about 8 years back ,I was lucky enough to visit the Salmanca Markets . As you do , I came back with a bag full of handmade treasure , only thing I had no place to put it .That was then but now I have a few pointers for those family heirlooms / flea market finds .

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1)Mix It Up

This is my mantra for home decorating and it works on these precious finds too. Mix your old finds /heirloom pieces with something new and totally different .

2)Vignette It

Creating a Vignette has been so popular and household thanks to Instagram . Inspiration is plenty, some of my favourite Vignetters  on Instagram  are ; @kararosenlund @sarahshanahan_lifestyle @villastyling @snehroy @sibellacourt

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3)Compliment With  Texture and Foliage

These are the components to truly bring it alive. So raid the garden or the neighbours plants whichever is safer :)

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4) Let Colour Be Your Guide

By grouping together complimentary colours and keeping it  to 2-3 colours ,the arrangement is more appealing to the eye .

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5)A Visual Story
Group complimentary objects together that tell a story e.g grouping your antique scissor collection with some hessian or jute  and greenery tells the story of a garden , a love of nature and natural materials .

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6) Size Matters

I like to group large find/collectibles with smaller ones. If it is a single item but if it is collection displaying it in a symmetrical order size makes it even more appealing .

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Do you have any gorgeous flea market/op shop finds ,that you are proud of ?

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  1. Its really fantastic to see the ways to display flea market finds and the content and pictorial representation looks awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this kind of article.