Monday, 3 June 2013

Bohemian Eclectic Doors- Inspiration for the next DIY door makeover

Doors can give so much character to a home . Especially the entry door is such a vital part of a home makeover . Thought i would put together some of my favourite doors for that next" DIY insprational door makeover" .I have created this board from very different regions and cultures -Mexico,Portugal,London ,Greece but the use of colour is a unifying factor .

This one is so simple and striking at the same time . Love the bougainvillaea at the side and that stone pathway .

How cool do the pastel stones look with the bright blue and serene white.

This would make such a great DIY project -a stencilled door with a vintage antique brass knocker/handle .

I am a sucker for turquoise and it doesn't get better than this with intricate gold work ....Love !!

I think i should a do a separate post on door knockers like the ones above .I have a board devoted to beautiful doors on my Pinterest.Have a browse if you would like to see some more.

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  1. wish my front door was as beautiful

  2. I checked your Pinterest and saw your other door inspirations. They all look amazing and very inspiring! Front doors add character to the overall look and appeal of a house. It should look inviting and pleasant to make sure that it will not destroy the exterior design.

  3. @Francisco true !! totally agree , if they are too imposing they might not look pleasant . Thanks for stopping by my pinterest.

  4. There's more beauty in simplicity! That pink door caught my attention most. I guess, no matter how unique and awesome your front door is, if it will not go well with the entire exterior design, then, it will not shine. Take your time in choosing your front door. :)

  5. I agree with Nida. The pink door is the most attractive one. It's simplicity paved the way for the color to stand out. Its been four months already, and I wonder if you've started your door remodel. What's the winning inspiration, by the way? Keep me updated! :)

    Kindra Ramage @

  6. Your door inspirations, particularly those on your Pinterest boards, are very inspiring. I'm never a fan of pink, but I must admit that the first photo caught my attention most. It's very simple and warm, and pleasing to the eyes.