Monday, 13 May 2013

Decoding Your Unique Sense of Style

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Ever heard yourself or someone say;
"I have no sense of style "
"I never know what to wear or what to buy"

We are bombarded with choices and role models in this web social era and i feel this chatter outside sometimes makes us forget what is really important .....our own sense of beauty and style .When we look at the woman above we instantly know what her sense of beauty is facial tattoos probably signifying her tribe/heritage , beaded jewellery and her love for it .I don't think her home would be any different , it would in part look like her.

"I believe everyone of us have a unique sense of beauty. It might be similar to someone  but wouldn't be the same .When we express it ,when we embrace it we bring ourselves incredible joy …..we find our happy spot ."

I did talk about it a bit here . When beauty has meaning it connects to something way deeper inside us .It is sort of your stamp that distinguishes you from everybody .There is a desire to look perfect like a runway model and own a house straight out of the pages of a home magazine but doing so will make us clones but not our real self .
Ever went to someone's home and felt it looked and felt like them ......yes thats what i am talking about . Embracing our unique beauty and letting it shine through things that we own . Expressing yourself increases confidence , its inspiring to others......most of all its liberating !!

My unique sense of style is florals(connecting me to nature), the colour white , french furniture(signifying my love of France) and bohemian bedding( my love for Indian design ) found here.

It would be so great to know what is your unique sense of style and what does it signify about you and your loves?

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