Monday, 22 April 2013

I am back

Sorry folks , have been missing from the blog scene for a while .Since we shifted to Newcastle , it has taken a long time settling down . We are now house shopping , which is pretty fun :)
I often go to my favourite interior blogs and bookmark posts for inspiration or browse Pinterest but house inspiration soon becomes receipe inspiration, dress inspiration and travel inspiration. I basically get lost (not that i am complaining:))

Just wondering where do you go for Interiors Inspiration ? Feel free to share any tips .
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  1. Priya, I use the Flipboard app. I don't even log in. I have chosen all the interior/architecture options and I just sit and 'flip' when a I have a few spare moments. It's always up to date. I just love it. I have it on my iPad and my iPhone. A-M xx

  2. It's a great app , thanks for sharing it . Just getting my head around it .xx