Monday, 15 October 2012

Would you travel to a new place every year ?

I love rooms that have well travelled written over them ,to me they are the rooms with soul . Each place or region  has a certain decor bent and i find all of them amazing in their own way . I thought i will take you to a few Spanish rooms today . This one is a stone and wood romance :)

Spanish living Decor Design           

Spanish living Decor Design  

Spanish living Decor Design           

Spanish living Decor Design

Researching all these pictures has activated my wanderlust .....i have just got to go to Spain one day .How nice would it be explore a new country /place /city each year.........experience its scents and smells , i think it would open my eyes to so many possibilities. Any of you think like that .....a new place every year ?
Here a few more spanish inspired pics .....feast your eyes !!

                                    That dress ..................
 Cadiz Old Town                                                                              A street in Spain
Source here,here and there

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  1. ahh to be serenaded by the sounds of a spanish guitar. I quite think that Spain and I are perfectly suited to each other. I did a whole post on why I could move to Spain! Do you tend to visit new places or revisit countries? My husband and I are in the habit of revisiting places because we like going back feeling more like we belong than just tourists. It's so wonderful but it also means that we don't get through our bucket list as efficiently. We've decided on three big international trips a year and they have to include at least one new destination!

    1. Oh Vanisha .... You so hit the sweet spot... Bucket list & new places visited again to truly know them , get the true aromas , meet the local people , that is so us :)We used to travel a lot before kids but things slowed down after them , now they are growing up and we are so ready to spread our wings . Spain ... Yes please :)