Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What will you do with a $100?

That is the question a lot of people asked themselves ,thanks to  Chris Guillebeau at the World domination Summit but one lady got inspired to take great action learning from it -the lovely  Natalie Sisson . She started the $100 Change project .I got to know about this from the gorgeous Elle Roberts, host of the Artful Business Conference.

Here's what you will get from it ;

100 Daily Prompts of wisdom, insight and coaching, via email, from 100 change makers, to ensure you take action and start something special during the course of the program.
3 Live Webinars to ensure every person participating can turn up for a value packed Q&A style get together, with key change makers, and come away invigorated, enthused and on track to getting that idea, project or initiative out to the world.
4 Exclusive Video Interviews - Prepare to tap the brains and smarts of Chris Guillebeau, Pam Slim, Jonathan Fields and Jenny Blake
1 Beautiful Digital Guide - You get this at the end of the program and it contains all the 100 days of wisdom, the interviews, audios, and bonus content, plus gifts from some of the change makers.
10 Scholarship Opportunities - From late November you can apply to receive one of 10 scholarships worth $1,00 each (at least) which includes a money amount,  mentoring from key change makers and a business framework for getting it done.

$100 Change initiativeTo read all about this lovely initiative and see how far $100 can take you click here.

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