Sunday, 18 October 2015

4 Ideas To Update The Laundry Room

Most of us dread the washing and ironing and tend to run away from the laundry .But I wonder would  it be easier to spend time there , if the room was beautiful . So here are some suggestion for your next laundry update .

Functional Storage is the key

A combination of versatile storage units which look beautiful but also adds heaps of storage space would help the space stay uncluttered .

Stack Them Up 

Not the whole laundry up of course  but stacking up the washing machine and dryer helps free up space and might be easy on your back .

Abundant Natural Light 

Make provisions for natural sunlight to stream in through windows or sky lights, not only does it lift up your mood it helps determining how clean or dirty something is .

Bring Your Quirk Factor 

As with every room in the house , let your personality show through this one too. I love the wallpaper in the photo below but you can also decorate with artwork, flowers a pretty pendant light or a gorgeous rug/runner.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

6 WaysTo Display Your Flea Market Finds

On my first trip to Tasmania about 8 years back ,I was lucky enough to visit the Salmanca Markets . As you do , I came back with a bag full of handmade treasure , only thing I had no place to put it .That was then but now I have a few pointers for those family heirlooms / flea market finds .

Image from here

1)Mix It Up

This is my mantra for home decorating and it works on these precious finds too. Mix your old finds /heirloom pieces with something new and totally different .

2)Vignette It

Creating a Vignette has been so popular and household thanks to Instagram . Inspiration is plenty, some of my favourite Vignetters  on Instagram  are ; @kararosenlund @sarahshanahan_lifestyle @villastyling @snehroy @sibellacourt

Image from here

3)Compliment With  Texture and Foliage

These are the components to truly bring it alive. So raid the garden or the neighbours plants whichever is safer :)

Image from here

4) Let Colour Be Your Guide

By grouping together complimentary colours and keeping it  to 2-3 colours ,the arrangement is more appealing to the eye .

Image from here


5)A Visual Story
Group complimentary objects together that tell a story e.g grouping your antique scissor collection with some hessian or jute  and greenery tells the story of a garden , a love of nature and natural materials .

Image courtesy Cook Republic

6) Size Matters

I like to group large find/collectibles with smaller ones. If it is a single item but if it is collection displaying it in a symmetrical order size makes it even more appealing .

Image from here

Do you have any gorgeous flea market/op shop finds ,that you are proud of ?

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