Thursday, 3 October 2013

Blogs I Go To For Indian Inspired Bohemian Decor

There are some magazines , publications we often go through which help us to reenergise , get inspired and try new things .I thought i would share a couple of my go to blogs with you .

The first on my list is An Indian Summer . It is not a blog, seriously ,it is a kaldeioscope of inspiration for bohemian souls and global travellers . Just the kind of escape you need from the everyday . The lovely Bhavna who writes this blog lives in New Delhi and travels often , a girl after my own heart .Go read her recent post and become a believer.

Next on my list is Justina Blakeney . Her style is vibrant , fun and just the dose of bohemian we need. Justina has been all over the globe and knows many languages and calls her home Jungalow. In her own words" she is a design maniac with a bohemian heart ."See for yourself the tour of her Jungalow. Just beautiful!!

There are heaps more inspirational bohemian souls I want you to meet ,so i will keep writing about them now and then .For now flip your heart out on these blogs , they are Inspiration Central :)

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Exotic , International and Indian Inspired Interiors

I first saw Tom Scheerer's work while reading Elle decor US edition . His projects are as varied as his decor style ,its eclectic hard to box in and draws on humanity. I love his use of Indian textiles- indian quilts , cushions ,curtains and many more to give a human , country and exotic flare to a space.Here are some of his inspiring projects.

This is a French inspired Long Island Farmhouse  .The exposed wooden beams lend it a cozy feel. The french feel and the long island location are both embodied in the interior so beautifully , don't you think?
 I haven't loved purple so much before.

 That headboard , need i say more .

Love the Indian inspired theme in this townhouse , just so stylish and elegant .His book Tom Scheerer decorates is coming out in September , i would be waiting to get my hands on one .

Any interior decorating books you adore ? Would be lovely to share .

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Wishes Do Come True!!

The Bestseller Sale is now ready to shop based on Make your wish come true .If you want something to join this sale , comment below........WISHES DO COME TRUE!!xx
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Monday, 5 August 2013

More Rooms With International Flavour

Earlier this week I instagram-ed about this room from Previous issues of Architectural Digest . It is an originally 1940's beachfront retreat by designer Amelia Handegan . I love it for its simplicity and sophistication plus the flavour of tradition and far off places.

Another one here is from Kathryn M. Ireland , her style is bohemian chic with an effortless style .An Indian Quilt or throw can make all the difference.

Saw this beautiful room here .It is a flat in Paris owned by Mariu de Andreis  of ZFF Children's clothing line featured in Cookie Magazine.Love the traditional Indian embroidery and pale pink quilt ...just the room for a girl who wants to explore.

Have a lovely week ahead.

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Spare Room-living and loving it with Indian quilts and the Bohemian, Exotic touches

The spare room can easily become store room, toy room or 'the black hole' of the house. But no matter its shape or size some clever design can change it into a beautiful guest retreat .Plus, you can push all your design boundaries in here ,well it is the spare room!

I shared this image on my instagram earlier this week.This is William Yeoward's guest cottage.An eclectic mix of textiles, patterned headboards,embroidered cushions and an Indian quilt on white bedlinen create the most inviting bed . The bedside water carafe , fresh flowers and piles of reading material are the finishing touches.(Courtsey House & Garden Archives)

Closer home Anna Spiro's work brings together bright textiles , vintage linen lamps and an Indian quilt all on white bedlinen.The colourful artwork and bunch of flowers is the most important finishing touch.

Feast your eyes on this beautiful room from Lonny magazine. Don't miss the beautiful ,vintage and exotic textiles and the blue Indian Quilt gracing the bed. Also, the pops of yellow as a bolster cushion, lamp base and the pile of books and artwork are the oh so delicious touches .

To recreate these looks for your guest room browse Indian Quilts and throws from here. The Turquoise works for a coastal vibe or a modern contemporary eclectic interior.

The Modern Bohemian Quilted Bedspread is for you if you want to recreate William Yeoward's guest cottage feel.

Shop Peacocks And Paisleys to transform your spare room into a beautiful guest retreat and don't forget those little table vignettes to make a space worth lingering and loving.

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Bohemian Eclectic Doors- Inspiration for the next DIY door makeover

Doors can give so much character to a home . Especially the entry door is such a vital part of a home makeover . Thought i would put together some of my favourite doors for that next" DIY insprational door makeover" .I have created this board from very different regions and cultures -Mexico,Portugal,London ,Greece but the use of colour is a unifying factor .

This one is so simple and striking at the same time . Love the bougainvillaea at the side and that stone pathway .

How cool do the pastel stones look with the bright blue and serene white.

This would make such a great DIY project -a stencilled door with a vintage antique brass knocker/handle .

I am a sucker for turquoise and it doesn't get better than this with intricate gold work ....Love !!

I think i should a do a separate post on door knockers like the ones above .I have a board devoted to beautiful doors on my Pinterest.Have a browse if you would like to see some more.

P.S: Talking of beautiful things , our Stocktake Sale is now on . Beautiful bedlinen,great savings but limited quantities. Have a browse here.

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Name it to Win it contest

I am launching a chocolate-y minty collection and to celebrate it we are having a contest . The Name it to Win it contest . Suggest a name for this new collection and you could win a pair of pillow covers from this collection .

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Exotica - Rooms with an exotic dreamy touch

Thought i would get some dreamy exotic room inspiration .It is amazing how a few exotic pieces can give a room the much needed character .

Love the screen in this room so exotic and beautiful .Plus don't you think cream and bronze are married :)

All pics from here.

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Decoding Your Unique Sense of Style

                                                                    Image from here

Ever heard yourself or someone say;
"I have no sense of style "
"I never know what to wear or what to buy"

We are bombarded with choices and role models in this web social era and i feel this chatter outside sometimes makes us forget what is really important .....our own sense of beauty and style .When we look at the woman above we instantly know what her sense of beauty is facial tattoos probably signifying her tribe/heritage , beaded jewellery and her love for it .I don't think her home would be any different , it would in part look like her.

"I believe everyone of us have a unique sense of beauty. It might be similar to someone  but wouldn't be the same .When we express it ,when we embrace it we bring ourselves incredible joy …..we find our happy spot ."

I did talk about it a bit here . When beauty has meaning it connects to something way deeper inside us .It is sort of your stamp that distinguishes you from everybody .There is a desire to look perfect like a runway model and own a house straight out of the pages of a home magazine but doing so will make us clones but not our real self .
Ever went to someone's home and felt it looked and felt like them ......yes thats what i am talking about . Embracing our unique beauty and letting it shine through things that we own . Expressing yourself increases confidence , its inspiring to others......most of all its liberating !!

My unique sense of style is florals(connecting me to nature), the colour white , french furniture(signifying my love of France) and bohemian bedding( my love for Indian design ) found here.

It would be so great to know what is your unique sense of style and what does it signify about you and your loves?

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Decorating with Bohemian ,exotic and handcrafted Indian linen

I believe our home is an extension of us and a  reflection of things we love.Imagine coming home ,walking through the front door and be surrounded by the loveliness and beauty of things that matter the most to you. If you are a lover of exotic Indian , bohemian prints or something that whispers faraway lands, handcrafted luxury and much cherished travel might have a thing or two for these rooms:)

Image from here

Image from here

                                                  Image from here

And last but not the least our very own,

                                                                        Image from here

So, get out your stash of vintage linens, handcrafted textiles and show them around the house ......make headboards, bedcovers, throw pillows or stencil a wall with your favourite paisleys .......Just let your spirit shine through !

Monday, 22 April 2013

I am back

Sorry folks , have been missing from the blog scene for a while .Since we shifted to Newcastle , it has taken a long time settling down . We are now house shopping , which is pretty fun :)
I often go to my favourite interior blogs and bookmark posts for inspiration or browse Pinterest but house inspiration soon becomes receipe inspiration, dress inspiration and travel inspiration. I basically get lost (not that i am complaining:))

Just wondering where do you go for Interiors Inspiration ? Feel free to share any tips .
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