Sunday, 25 November 2012

Meaningful Beauty

During one of my conversations with friends , someone mentioned beauty with meaning . It struck a chord right away . We are all drawn to beautiful things, so much so we want them everywhere in our home , in our surroundings, places of work and worship even on ourselves . John Keats said " A thing of beauty is a joy forever".
When beauty has meaning it connects to something deeper within us . It could be the aesthetics that remind of an exotic place we always admire ,could be something reminding us of our roots or heritage , it could be the way it was made....the touch of human hands . And when we make the connection and choose something that connects us on a deeper level we create worth - more worth for us and the thing in question .
This Christmas make that connection - Buy Beautiful , Buy Meaningful!!
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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What do you want on your Tombstone?

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This is going to be one profound post but seriously have you ever thought about this .....and i mean really given it a good think . I have only started thinking  about it in the last few days. It sort of changes everything and puts a fresh perspective on everything.
What do I want people to think about me when I am gone? To how many people would it matter , if I wasn't here tomorrow ? How many lives have I touched ? I want my tombstone to run out of space ....thats the amount of work i want to do ......sort of the below:-

 Loving Wife , mother , humanitarian, philanthropist, entrepreneur, artist , Martha Stewart(couldn't find another term for her Multi- potentiality), Founder of the ......Peace fund( i haven't decided on the name yet), Adventurer,Global gypsy Cruising Addict.
I haven't accomplished much yet though. But it is a life plan ....hopefully i will have enough time:)
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Some of the people whose legacy i admire is Mahatma Gandhi, Princess Diana , Audrey Hepburn , Alfred Noble and so on . There tombstone might just have their name and we all know how much they accomplished in just one life.

Seriously, What do you want your legacy to be ? Have you ever really thought about it ?? Drop me a line , i would love to hear :)

Much Love ,
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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fair Indie Christmas Market - Townsville

We would be displaying at the fair Indie Christmas Market . There are heaps of fair trade business and most exciting products participating. So, please spread the word and come and see us :)Visit their facebook page here.


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Saturday, 10 November 2012


Thought i would leave you with some bohemian-ness(not sure if this is a word but you know what i mean :) )  . I love the sombre , mix and match of elements .Its all a collective  of everything individual and original ..........i will let the photos do the talking.

Bohemian Decor
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                                                     and here

this blog is a favorite

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Why I do what I do ?

I have to answer this question quiet often nowadays ....sometimes to get perspective , other times from friends or colleagues ....recently from my GP . She knew I was a dentist before and wanted to know why i would not go back . She told me they often need demonstrators and tutors for the dentistry school do i feel about teaching ? To be truthful i like dentistry and i like teaching too and quiet frankly i would make more money doing it (looking at my accounts today:)).It would be far less work than what i have taken up right now . So, are you crazy you might ask ? Well , sort of yes .I have this pushing feeling inside me to change things , to answer a calling , to leave the safe way of living.

Firstly , i feel a degree does not define me - it enriches me but does not define me .My core values and beliefs revolve around my family and being able to help , to be a contributing member of the society. Thirdly , what can i do to make the world a better place . All of these has a link to what i do some point in my life i understood that being sad , disappointed , angry is not the answer ..........I must be the CHANGE  I want to see in the world . I must do my part , to the best of my ability .

My business is helping me live my dream of making a difference - i get to draw and design (which i love) , I work with artisans in India - I have deep reverence for these people because they are great artists and work so hard  ,I often talk to them about their kids -girls in particular and hope to build a school for them......I give people a choice to buy something that is not mass produced . I get to  bring here an ancient tradition , connect spaces to the exotic and dreamy retreats.I get to bring an age old tradition born thousands of miles away  to life .I am so grateful for all of the above and i certainly would not be able to do these doing RCT's or lecturing on anatomy of the mandible .

Have you left the safe way of living?? you hope to do that ??....drop me a line , i would love to hear( or i might think i am probably silly leaving it all:))

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Home Beautiful

I have heard,read and  seen  numerous ways to make a house beautiful . But quiet frankly i don't agree with any of them .I disagree with the stereotypical "out of the pages of a glossy magazine home". I feel no one knows the perfect real place for me to call home except me for i am so unique and my house is  a reflection who I am. And mind you my house is not clutter free , i am a bit cluttered , i am carrying some baggage and so is my house and i like it that way.My ideal home is warm, inviting , a little whimsical, a fusion of cultures , bright , colourful , spirited,always ready with a cup of tea ...........all in all just like me .

I feel we are weighed down by standards we have to uphold in order to be perfect .The truth is we don't need to ,we just need to be true to our own self .....your house does not need to be new, spick and span in order to be appealing , it just needs to be connected to you . You are right some people would judge you for it , for it being not perfect but please ask yourself -  Are these people the people you want in your life or would you rather spend time with who accepts you the way you are :)
Does your house look like you, is it a reflection of who you are , where you have been .....what your dreams are .....i would love to know what your definition of a home is ......Do you agree or disagree with what i said ?
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