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How To Design A Beautiful Nursery

How To Design A  Beautiful Nursery 

Photo courtesy @momentswithus_ featuring Palme D'or  Baby Quilt
Designing a nursery for your baby-to-be can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also seem a little daunting, especially if you don't know where to begin — feeling a little overwhelmed? Take a moment to arm yourself with these helpful nursery design dos and don'ts, and you'll be ready to hit the stores in no time.

Choose a Specific Style or Theme

Although it's not absolutely necessary to limit yourself to a single concept, settling on a specific idea will help you to narrow your focus and create a mood board .
 Palm Tree Nursery
Palm Tree Nursery

Pick the Perfect Colour Palette

It is important to zero on the colours you want to incorporate . Hello paint chips and magazines !!
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Choose Textiles Before Paint

There is nothing worse than finally finding the perfect baby bedding of your dreams only to discover the color scheme clashes with your paint job. Given the astounding array of available paint colors and the prevalence of color-match technology, it's definitely easier to choose your textiles first and then buy paint to match.
Rust Palm Trees Baby Quilt

Do Identify a Focal Point

Most nurseries are centered on the crib, but there are many other options to choose - A large window , a signature piece,  an over-sized toy or a painted dresser or a painted mural can also draw focus.

Go Green

Designing an eco-friendly nursery is not only good for the planet—it's good for baby too! The products we use on a daily basis are full of nasty chemicals. These chemicals compromise air quality as they evaporate. They may even make your little one sick.
Hand printed and stitched 
Create a Nursing Station
Nursing is a tricky business, and it can quickly turn into a juggling act if you are unprepared. Keep everything you need close at hand.

Create a Sanitation Station

For a germ free nursery have sanitation supplies ready to go. Set up a tray on your changing table with antibacterial gel and paper towels to prevent contamination of surfaces, and give hotspots a daily once-over with antibacterial wipes. You should also have a plan for dirty diapers and heavily soiled clothing.
Photo Courtesy - Three Birds Renovations

Do Develop a System for Sorting and Storing Clothes
Fill your nursery closet and dresser drawers with the things you can use now, and label and put away the rest until your baby needs them.
It also helps to keep an easily accessible box for clothes that you have officially deemed too small. When the box is full, wash the clothes, label them and store them away. Keeping outgrown items separate prevents them from creeping back into baby's closet, saving you the hassle of an extra trying-on session. 
Get Creative With Storage
Babies come with lots of stuff! If you're going to stay on top of it all, you're going to need a plan. Start by doubling your storage space . Try creating your own inexpensive storage solutions and clever hacks.
Leave Room to Grow
When choosing your nursery furniture, think long term. Baby's small, bassinet-style crib may look darling now, but have you left enough room to exchange it for a toddler-sized bed later? No room for both a stand-alone changing table and a dresser? You'll get more use out of the dresser in the long run. Thinking ahead will ensure you get the most out of your money and your space.

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Monday, 28 May 2018

1 Tablecloth 3 Table Settings

Be ready in 5 minutes and look ravishing - that is the conundrum we are forced with most nights. 

So we put together some ideas to doll up an average weeknight dinner and help you sail through some formal affairs .The Des Fleur Tablecloth pictured here is now on Clearence and is more than 40% off retail price.
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Blush Boho English Garden
Pretty up a spontaneous get-together with colour, pattern and any unusual finds you're tempted to try. Family dinners never looked so good.Try patterned tablecloths, palm leaves as placemats and rattan chargers for layer upon layer of interest.
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Casual And Refined
Table settings are like guest lists: Diversity is key," says Bunny WilliamsIf you're dressing up for the occasion, don't forget to deck out the table the same way. Pull out all the stops: stemmed glassware, elaborate centrepieces and of course the good cutlery."Keep your centrepieces low so your guests can talk to each other without needing a chiropractor afterward," says Tatiana Sorokko.
Improptu Girls Get Together
"It's not hard to turn a party staple into a masterpiece," says Lulu Powers. "Just pile it up!" Her go-to spread includes a variety of cheeses plus assorted snacks like dried orange slices and olives for extra color.Hostessing is hard enough — cut out complicated serving rituals and have guests help themselves to whatever's on the menu.
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Sunday, 18 October 2015

4 Ideas To Update The Laundry Room

Most of us dread the washing and ironing and tend to run away from the laundry .But I wonder would  it be easier to spend time there , if the room was beautiful . So here are some suggestion for your next laundry update .

Functional Storage is the key

A combination of versatile storage units which look beautiful but also adds heaps of storage space would help the space stay uncluttered .

Stack Them Up 

Not the whole laundry up of course  but stacking up the washing machine and dryer helps free up space and might be easy on your back .

Abundant Natural Light 

Make provisions for natural sunlight to stream in through windows or sky lights, not only does it lift up your mood it helps determining how clean or dirty something is .

Bring Your Quirk Factor 

As with every room in the house , let your personality show through this one too. I love the wallpaper in the photo below but you can also decorate with artwork, flowers a pretty pendant light or a gorgeous rug/runner.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

6 WaysTo Display Your Flea Market Finds

On my first trip to Tasmania about 8 years back ,I was lucky enough to visit the Salmanca Markets . As you do , I came back with a bag full of handmade treasure , only thing I had no place to put it .That was then but now I have a few pointers for those family heirlooms / flea market finds .

Image from here

1)Mix It Up

This is my mantra for home decorating and it works on these precious finds too. Mix your old finds /heirloom pieces with something new and totally different .

2)Vignette It

Creating a Vignette has been so popular and household thanks to Instagram . Inspiration is plenty, some of my favourite Vignetters  on Instagram  are ; @kararosenlund @sarahshanahan_lifestyle @villastyling @snehroy @sibellacourt

Image from here

3)Compliment With  Texture and Foliage

These are the components to truly bring it alive. So raid the garden or the neighbours plants whichever is safer :)

Image from here

4) Let Colour Be Your Guide

By grouping together complimentary colours and keeping it  to 2-3 colours ,the arrangement is more appealing to the eye .

Image from here


5)A Visual Story
Group complimentary objects together that tell a story e.g grouping your antique scissor collection with some hessian or jute  and greenery tells the story of a garden , a love of nature and natural materials .

Image courtesy Cook Republic

6) Size Matters

I like to group large find/collectibles with smaller ones. If it is a single item but if it is collection displaying it in a symmetrical order size makes it even more appealing .

Image from here

Do you have any gorgeous flea market/op shop finds ,that you are proud of ?

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Home Well Travelled

I came across Alice Von Baum work on Pinterest .I love interiors that give a vibe of loving travel, embracing other cultures and basically carrying  wanderlust in them and her work just personifies that feeling .She is an artist working in interior design ,couture and block printing .Here is some eye candy of her work .

Hope you enjoyed browsing through her work . I love the laid back well travelled thread in her home , it is earthy in a Boheme sort of way .Let me know what you thought , it is always good to hear from you :) xx

All images taken from here.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Relaxed Modernism - Tom Scheerer

I have featured rooms done by Tom Scheerer before but thought I would do an exclusive post on his Interior Style .The idea came from this photo of one of his rooms that I shared on the Facebook and Instagram.

And here is the rest of the room

On his website it says "While he is fluent in various styles, he prefers to use antiques sparingly and succinctly within a context of what he labels "relaxed modernism."
I love his pairing on the traditional and modern , exotic and contemporary which creates a warm and yet sophisticated interior . Here's more of his work

Tom's also has a coffee table book which i would highly recommend to everyone .

Hope you enjoyed reading more about his work . I am organising a Facebook sale soon for curtains and fabrics all hand block printed on most gorgeous cottons . More details would be announced on Facebook soon . I hope to see you there :) 

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Blogs I Go To For Indian Inspired Bohemian Decor

There are some magazines , publications we often go through which help us to reenergise , get inspired and try new things .I thought i would share a couple of my go to blogs with you .

The first on my list is An Indian Summer . It is not a blog, seriously ,it is a kaldeioscope of inspiration for bohemian souls and global travellers . Just the kind of escape you need from the everyday . The lovely Bhavna who writes this blog lives in New Delhi and travels often , a girl after my own heart .Go read her recent post and become a believer.

Next on my list is Justina Blakeney . Her style is vibrant , fun and just the dose of bohemian we need. Justina has been all over the globe and knows many languages and calls her home Jungalow. In her own words" she is a design maniac with a bohemian heart ."See for yourself the tour of her Jungalow. Just beautiful!!

There are heaps more inspirational bohemian souls I want you to meet ,so i will keep writing about them now and then .For now flip your heart out on these blogs , they are Inspiration Central :)

Psst , Our annual Sample Sale is starting over on our Facebook Page soon . There would be samples, discontinued lines and beautiful bed and table linen discounted to unbelievable prices plus we will ship globally .I would be honoured to have your prescence , so please Join  us .

Priya xx